Willis Australia has been appointed as Netball's Insurance Broker.  Willis are one of the largest insurance brokers in the world and have operated in Australia for over 50 years.  Willis have a long association with various sporting organisations throughout Australia.  

Willis provide Insurance programs for Associations and their members:  
* Public Liability / Professional Indemity  
* Management Liability cover for Associations and Clubs  
* Sports Injury / Personal Accident   

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For further information please visit or phone 1300 WILLIS (1300 945 547).  Available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

*** Important Notice for Players***

Whilst Netball Queenslands Insurance covers personal injury it is important to note that expenses covered by Medicare are not claimable under this policy. 

The policy covers insured persons for NON-MEDICARE medical expenses. The policy is for reimbursement only. That is, the member must pay the account and then claim reimbursement under this insurance cover.

NOTE Only NON-MEDICARE items are claimable (i.e. the “Medicare gap” is not claimable due to government legislation).
The most common “Non-Medicare” expenses include:-
•  Private Hospital Bed & Theatre Fees  •  Dental 
•  Ambulance         •  Chiropractic 
•  Physiotherapy    •  Osteopathy

Medical expenses that are covered by Medicare (i.e. not covered by this sports injury policy) include:
•  Doctor’s Fees              •  Surgeon’s Fees 
•  Anaesthetist’s Fees    •  X-rays